Unit 6 lesson 16

I have a student who is working on this lesson and making a piano. All we get is static and continual buzzing. I am not sure where to turn. Could someone please help. I read that having the wires cross could cause some of this, so we made sure they do not and still have issues. Please help!!

I thought about setting it up this way, would that make a difference?

Hi @delilah.heil!

This will be a fun instrument when all complete! I changed the if statement to the onBoardEvent and it played the note when pressed. I didn’t have enough alligator clips to test the others but I assume if you pull out an onBoardEvent for each button, it should work. Although the if statement was evaluating to true each time the created buttons were pressed, the if statement wasn’t actually making the notes play.

I don’t know the details on why that is other than perhaps board events are needed to make something happen on the board. I also am not sure why the constant buzzing was happening (I also replicated that error with the original code).

Good luck!

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