Student Code - Please Help! Unit 6 Lesson 18

I have a student who created a version of the Operation game. He has 4 circles that he removes items from and wants the buzzer to buzz when you touch the outside of the foil-lined circle. The buzz works for the circles, but he also created a winner “button” (foil piece on the front of his game board). When you run the code, the buzzing starts immediately instead of ONLY when you touch the ground alligator clip to that front “button” for the win sound/screen. Here is the code: App Lab -


I feel like I’m missing something here. Did he have foil connected with alligator clips or something else? If you can send us a picture of the setup, it may help?

I’m having a hard time envisioning what the project looks like only looking at the code.

Let us know!



@mindyw -

Sounds like a fun creation!!

The code is identical for all the buttons and the pins being used are correct. The constant buzzing with the win button makes me think that something in the connections is causing that circuit connection to always be “on”. I agree with @mwood that this is difficult to solve without a picture of the connections:)