Circuit Playground Unit 6 Lesson 5 Not Working

We purchased and are using the Adafruit Circuit Playground. Unit 6, Lesson 3 went great. I’m working through Lesson 5 before my students do it tomorrow. I’m not able to get Bubbles 3 and 4 to work. Bubble 3 says just to run it and not make changes - LED light should come on when left button pressed. It is not coming on - greed light is on showing the board is in fact on. I’ve tried difference boards and different computers. Am I doing something wrong?

Like I said, Unit 6 Lesson 3 worked fine.

Hi Rebecca,

Are you using the Maker App? Sometimes the circuit playground will work in the normal browser, but often it doesn’t. I just had this problem today.


I’m pretty sure that I was. I have to go in this weekend, so I will try it again.


Just checking in - want to make sure you have in working for the upcoming week - let us know!


We are having a little bit of bad weather so I didn’t get to check it. If we have school tomorrow, I will check and let you know. I’m okay for this week - the students are taking End of Course tests in other classes.

I’m loving and my students are also! I have been so impressed with their App designs and creativity. I can’t wait to teach the Computer Science Principles class.

Rebecca Sims


It is working fine!

Sorry for any inconvenience. You guys are great!


I am having issues with the same lesson/bubbles - many circuit boards in my class kit are not connecting to chromebooks today. When I check Lesson 3, they work fine. I wondered if there was a some Chrome/Google update interfering with Lesson 5??


I would put in a bug report - the developers need to know about all the issues so they can get a working product!


I have made 1 bug report - problem is continuing on through at least U6L5, 6, 7 lessons.

We have un/replugged, refreshed browser, tried other USB outlets. So far, I have not found a consistent “fix” or cause. I believe all devices are currently latest Chrome OS (gen 1 & 2).

We are running a workshop and have several people that are having issues with their chromebooks for lessons 5-7 as well. Will have them report a bug but it seems to be with the newest chrome update and the extension.

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Is there a fix for this issue? I have encountered it and I was signed in to the Maker’s App. I had no trouble with Lesson 3 but can not get Lesson 5’s light to come on.

What exactly is this board supposed to do in Unit 5, Lesson 3? I only have the red light turn on, off, and blink? It seems all the colorful lights would do something. ??

Really appreciate that you searched for possible answers that might be here. This post is from almost three years ago and referencing older curriculum.
Did you mean Unit 6? Did you have a question about a certain part of the lesson? There are 12 bubbles to complete in U6, Lesson 3. If you do have a question, it might be a good idea to start a new thread to get more current info.

This is the description of :
Lesson 3: The Circuit Playground
In this lesson students get their first opportunity to write programs that use the Circuit Playground. After first inspecting the board visually and hypothesizing possibly functionalities, students move online where they will learn to write applications that control an LED. By combining App Lab screens with the Circuit Playgrounds, students can gradually start to integrate elements of the board as an ouput device while relying on App Lab for user input