Circuit Playground Unit 6 Lesson 5 Not Working


We purchased and are using the Adafruit Circuit Playground. Unit 6, Lesson 3 went great. I’m working through Lesson 5 before my students do it tomorrow. I’m not able to get Bubbles 3 and 4 to work. Bubble 3 says just to run it and not make changes - LED light should come on when left button pressed. It is not coming on - greed light is on showing the board is in fact on. I’ve tried difference boards and different computers. Am I doing something wrong?

Like I said, Unit 6 Lesson 3 worked fine.


Hi Rebecca,

Are you using the Maker App? Sometimes the circuit playground will work in the normal browser, but often it doesn’t. I just had this problem today.



I’m pretty sure that I was. I have to go in this weekend, so I will try it again.



Just checking in - want to make sure you have in working for the upcoming week - let us know!



We are having a little bit of bad weather so I didn’t get to check it. If we have school tomorrow, I will check and let you know. I’m okay for this week - the students are taking End of Course tests in other classes.

I’m loving and my students are also! I have been so impressed with their App designs and creativity. I can’t wait to teach the Computer Science Principles class.

Rebecca Sims


It is working fine!

Sorry for any inconvenience. You guys are great!