Circuit Playground stopped responding to Maker App Toolkit

My students are having trouble with the circuit playground. We have been programming the circuit playground for over two weeks with no issues. Last Friday, when the students try to access the playground from their Maker App Toolkit, the message says, “Get the Maker App”. They are on it!
What is going on?
I reinstalled the app and the problem persisted. This was in my classroom where I have Windows 7 machines. So I asked the student to take the board home and try it. She is still having problems with a new installation of the app on her macbook air. Is this a board problem? I doubt it because the boards have been working for two weeks now. Plus this is not just one board. I have over 20 students having the same problem. Please help!
This report was with respect to CS Discoveries Unit 6 Physical Computing using the adafruit circuit playground.

I believe you are not the only one to be in this boat. This post from late last week appears to be related. Trouble connecting CP. We have reported this to, however, for a quicker individual solution, you may wish to contact and have them look into it. One of our facilitators (@melynn) was able to get it to work on her computer if you read that posting, but she’s not sure if it was because her computer already had the drivers from a previous installation …

Sorry for your issues. With everything else going on, this is just one more thing, but reach out to and they may be able to help.




Thank you @mwood. I’ll try this tomorrow.

Does anyone have any recommendations on workarounds with this issue? I got the students to finish up to Lesson 9. If I don’t have a workaround, I will have to drop the rest of Unit 6 and look for alternate lessons.

Were you able to get in touch with I will pass this along again to see if there are any known work arounds. I don’t know why it is happening to some people, but not everyone.


I did. I was told they are working on a solution. That was a week ago. I’ll have to make a decision on Monday.

Sorry this is still an issue. I hope the fix will come through soon.