Circuit express boards

Hi all!
I am trying to use the adafruit circuit express boards in unit 6 on physical computing . . I have the code maker app on our macbooks and the usb cables . … but the boards usually do not connect . . argh!

@jim.cibulka ,

Here is a link to a page on using the Circuit Playground Express. Halfway down the page is a section on debugging. If you haven’t gone through that yet, this could be a help for you. If you are still having issues, you could contact or reply back here with some specifics on what you’ve tried and what error messages if any you are getting.


Thanks . . .

Turns out they do not work if you do not click the gear icon first . . . weird . . I thought the self test on lesson 6 part 3 was good enough . . .nope!

My boards are fine now . . .


Great! Glad to hear that.