Motorcycle Puzzle - Level #16

Hello. This lesson has challenged me more than any previous lesson (especially #13). I’m finding it difficult to use the slider to make the motorcycle move faster up and down the y axis according to the value. I created the OnEvent in order to get the property of the variable speed, but it’s still not working.

Can someone please help me with this?


I am having the same issues and my student have not been able to figure out what to do either. Hope someone can share a solution as well.

Hi @lacey.lloyd,

Are you able to find the example solution when logged into your teacher account?

There’s a screenshot below showing where to find it, but if you are still having problems finding it, please respond and we can see if we can help further! We don’t typically post solutions in the forum as sometimes students have been known to be on the forum.

Best wishes!


Hello Mike,

I don’t think I have access to the examples because I haven’t taken the Professional Development course. I’m just wondering if I’m on the right track or if there’s something crucial in the code that I’m missing.

Thank you,


You don’t have to attend professional development to get a verified teacher account. If you fill out the form at this link: Verified Teachers, you can get access to the answer keys in your account.

It doesn’t usually take too long, but if you have some code you want to have us look at, feel free to click on Share or Remix and then Share and send us the link and we can look at it and help you troubleshoot it.



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A basic outline of steps to take while you wait for your account to be approved…

  1. In design mode, make a slider first.
  2. Then, use “On Event” to get the speed change from the slider input.

Hopefully that will help a little.


Thanks Mike! I’ll work on getting the Verified Teacher access asap. I think that will help a lot when we get stuck on something. Otherwise, I’ll remix a copy and share the link like you suggested.



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