CSD Unit 3 Lesson 5 Variables- Part 9 Debug Naming Variables

Help! I am stuck on Part 9-Debug Naming Variables. I have the labels named correctly, and I was able go back into Block Mode, but still not able to draw the red circle! Could someone please post the corrected code so I can have it ready for my students tomorrow!

Tracy, my code for this level was:

[activity answer key removed from public forum]

There are multiple correct ways to name the variables.

Heads up to course team: Clicking “Example Solution” on this level took me to [answer key removed from public forum] which doesn’t match the current version of the puzzle.

Hi @ggallaher!

Can you submit a bug report on about this?


Thanks @ggallaher @kevinsukhoo … I typed the code exactly as you have it… but still not working… I’ve moved on to reviewing lesson 6, hopefully my class won’t have an issue today… Also, where do you go to see the Sample Solution/Exemplar? I was looking for the link, but didn’t see it… has it been taken down until the bug is fixed? I am new to teaching coding and a bit anxious… thanks again.

Try looking at this article. https://support.code.org/hc/en-us/articles/202138023-How-do-I-see-the-solutions-for-all-the-puzzles-
It shows how to access the Example Solutions. The article shows it as “See a Solution”, but the button actually says, “Example Solution”. You must be a verified teacher to see this option.

@edavis Got it! Thanks for your help.

We are having difficulty with Unit 3 Lesson 5 Part 9. We are unable to code the eyes to be equal random sizes. I believe you had an answer to this. Please send it to us. Thank you ggallaher

@katieacor, Did you try the link above that shows you how to find an example solution (if you have a teacher account). As we sometimes have students on the forum, we don’t usually post answers in the forum posts, but it does involve setting a single variable.

Here’s the link again to show you how to find the answer keys as long as you are logged in to your teacher account.

Let us know if you can’t find it.