Level 7 Missing Block in Toolbox

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I was going through Lesson 13 and made to the assessment level. However, I wasn’t able to get the code to work, even after looking at the answer guide. I noticed the correct variable block is missing from the toolbox. The variable block I see is the “Declare a Variable” while you need the “Assign a Variable” to complete the level.

Is there a way to get that fixed? Or is there another solution that I’m not thinking of?

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It appears you have uncovered a bug. I’ll go ahead and report it to the support team and hopefully they can get that fixed quickly. You can switch to text mode and type the code in and then when you switch back to block mode, that block will be there, but that’s not a very good workaround for something that should just work.

Thanks for notifying us!


You don’t need the assignment block, although not having it is confusing.

Students only need to drag out the correct sprite.property block (like sprite.x in this case) and it will put the purple block behind it so it becomes sprite.x = ___.

I would suggest to code.org that in the variable toolbox, they put the assignment block first and then the var declaration block second. My students ALWAYS grab the first thing they see. I help them fix this bug at least once a class!

@csalinas, @laura.paczewitz ,

You are correct Laura. I also agree that the x= block is perhaps a more intuitive approach. Code.org got back to me with the same response, but they ARE going to add the block. Here was their response.


The colors on the block can be a bit unclear or slightly misleading. However, when you drag out a sprite.x or sprite.y block from the Sprites drawer to start a new line of code, the “=” is included with the block (see the attached gif). When you drag out a sprite.x or sprite.y block and drop it into a blank or empty area (such as the empty area on the left side of the "= "), then Game Lab knows to insert the sprite.x or sprite.y without the “=”. Both of these behaviors are demonstrated in the attached gif.

As a result of the first behavior described above, students don’t actually need the “x = _” block which is why it is not included in the level. However, the block has been added to help students who may not recognize the behavior of the sprite.x and sprite.y blocks adding the “=” for them. You and your students should see this update within the next few days once our system updates.