Updated Lesson 6 Stage 16 in Code Studio

Hey Folks - I’m not sure if this is a ‘bug’ or not, but I think the updated Lesson 6 Stage 16 in Code Studio is missing a block from the toolkit that you need to complete the level. These are the levels that have you move the motorcycle based on the Circuit Playground inputs and, on stage 16, add a slider that updates the speed.

The gist is: I think the toolkit needs the “x = ___;” block in addition to the “var x = ____;” block. Otherwise, students can only drag in “var speed = ____”, which doesn’t actually update the speed variable but instead creates a new one.

The longer version is in the attached .gif showing how I ended up completing the level with my students.

Am I missing something? Or does the toolkit need that extra block available in that level?

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I’d say you are right. Did you submit it as a bug?

Not yet - I wasn’t 100% sure if I was missing something or not. Usually when I get stuck on a stage, it’s because I’m missing a step in the level. Comes with the territory of being a lead learner.

But, if it’s not just me, I’ll submit a bug report. Thanks for corroborating.