I cannot find the example solution for the 3x3 grid


I was hoping for an possible solution/answer key for the activities in code for this stage. The lesson states that there is an example of a solution in the teacher tab for the problem in Code Studio, but I do not see it.

I understand there could be several solutions, but it would be great if I could see and example.

Thank you.



The example solution is on the teacher panel that pops outs from the right when you click on the arrow.



I haven’t got the Example solution button. Anibody knows why it can be


Are you registered in Code Studio as a teacher? If yes, are you logged in with the teacher account?


Yes,. I’m registered as a teacher and logged in as teacher too,
I show you a screenshot


Your account may not be a “Verified Teacher Account”. Here is the link to become a verified teacher.