Does anyone have a answer key (code) for the CSP-23-24 Unit 6 Lesson 3 Emoji App?

My class has been trying to complete the Emoji App in the 23-24 CSP Unit 6 Lesson 3 Lists Practice. Has anyone coded that one yet? If so, will you please share. Thanks

If you go to the “for teachers only” tab or open the blue teacher tray from the right, there is an example solution, click the blue button:



Thank you. I have looked and looked for the solution. I even had several others look for me.

Hi, I have the same problem with no Key for Unit 6 Lesson 3 Emoji App. I can open the Example Solution, but it is not a complete solution. I’ve found that will all three of these. At least in the 23-24 version. I haven’t checked the older versions yet and I will.

Hi @tcreager,

Which bubble are you clicking on where it doesn’t look like a complete solution? I’ve clicked through and they add more parts to the solution as you move through the levels, mirroring the progress the students should be making.

The example on level 5 looks pretty complete to me, unless there’s something you’re noticing that’s missing.

Michael K.

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Wow - I am an idiot. I was not on the last level when I opened the examples. Thank you - I am sorry I wasted your time!! I will blame Covid brain from the weekend before : \
Thanks again!


No you are not – you’re a teacher who had an oversight at 2:50 pm two Fridays before winter break.

You didn’t waste my time. You saved the time of the next person who was going to come to the forum with the same question, because admitttedly sometimes the website is laid out a little confusingly.

In fact, I’m going to submit a feature request to include examples of all progressions on each level, because that should not be hard to implement. More importantly, teachers may want that information accessible quickly so it should be there.

Have a great holiday!
–Michael K.


i am not getting this option in teacher dashboard.please help