CSP '23-24 Unit 4, Lesson 7

The slide deck doesn’t correlate at all to the Unit 4, Lesson 7 material for instructional purposes; it just repeats the directions in CodeStudio. Students have not been introduced to increment & decrement yet, but the code for the ‘spicy’ apps have them. Also, even with pair programming, my students are very frustrated with the instructions. Generally, I go through the slide deck with my students and pop back and forth between the Lesson and the slides. This one has tremendous changes from previous years and I feel the material exceeds the student knowledge & comprehension at this point.

6 year CSP instructor…

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I noticed this as well. I used the activity guide to progress through the code creation. Technique used: I do, we do, you do. Hopefully by the third if statement, they were able to get started on their own. I only went through the Emoji Movie app as I thought the others were outside of the students’ skillset.

Thanks John! That is exactly what I am in the process of doing. When introducing this lesson, I could see my student’s level of confidence SINK! So, we backed up and started the lesson together with me explaining each individual step and we are only working on the Emoji Movie app as well.

I am very surprised by this whole lesson. Students are being introduced to functions in lesson 9, yet all of the apps the students are required to work with in lesson 7 use functions. And not just one, but several. Honestly, it does not make any sense.

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I’m so relieved to see this discussion - I didn’t realize how much this lesson had changed from last year until my students tried to complete it today. It was a mess. I agree, it’s too much of a jump for students. Also, the App Studio toolbox now has every possible block available for students, which is really overwhelming. The teacher solution for the emoji choice uses the .toUpperCase() method, which hasn’t been introduced at all. And as someone else said here, the tic tac toe choice uses non-event handler functions, which hasn’t been taught to students. We skipped it & started the make lesson. Tomorrow we’ll go back and do the practice lesson from last year’s curriculum together in class.