CSP Unit 3 Lesson 3

I am new at all of this and I’m completely lost. Can someone help me with this lesson? I’m trying to figure out how my student (I only have 1 student in my CS class) is supposed to just start coding this app he’s designed?

They have not learned any coding yet. They are supposed to just design the screens and buttons for the app at this stage. On paper they should have mapped out how their navigation will work like which screen should show when a button is clicked. The app will not have any functionality till they reach the end of the unit. By the end of this unit, they will be able to add the code to the buttons to navigate from one screen to the next.

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That is what I figured, but I got confused with the step that said “add code in events”. So literally all they’re supposed to do is add the buttons and the pictures right now?

That is correct! :+1: :smiley:

Thank you so much! :+1: