Student Work Example...MUST SEE


I just have to share this multi screen app from U5 Stage 3.

This student has gone way beyond the “CODE OF DUTY” to make her app come to life. I have to admit, she came into CSP with some experience but she is always challenging herself to combine and learn more.

She’s relentless in every positive way.



That is fantastic work! I would love to share with some of my students if that’s OK?

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@jkeays That’s very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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No problem. Share away

Very nice! I will share it with my class today!

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Adding to the share thread…over the past three years of teaching this course, I’ve accumulated a variety to example projects. Each highlights a difference feature, which I’ve indicated in brackets .

Examples of Student Apps

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – [hidden elements] – app
  • Road Dash – [gifs] – app
  • Chicken – [movement with key strokes] – app
  • Make a Wish – [sparkle words created using bloggif ] – app
  • Catch the Award – [music] – app
  • Basketball [“score” a basket] – link
  • Pumpkin Spice of Destiny [Penguin moves across the screen] – link

Thank you so much for sharing your examples. It was very helpful.

Thank you so much for sharing this great example. It was very helpful!

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