Student Project Examples

We are finishing this activity and I am over the top amazed! Some students were craving more functionality so I allowed them to “remix” their 4 screen project to have access to other tools. Others were perfectly content working within the limited toolbox. It is an exciting time in CSP!


Just like you, I am amazed at some of my students who are finishing up this CHASER Game from Stage 2.

Here’s a few links to click to see their games run.



That great!
It shows their creativity.

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These look great! Did you grade these for your students? If so, did you use a rubric?

Sounds harsh having a BINARY Grade but they learn quickly to attend to the details:

Binary Rubric. If any item is not COMPLETE, it’s a 0%.

Double Check and READ!

  • A coherent creative professional theme throughout the entire app
  • A clear and easy to use layout
  • Clear, Simple and Intuitive Instructions on what the user can do
  • A pleasing professional color scheme
  • All ID Names must be changed to well described names.

Any original IDs like image1, screen1, button1 is an automatic 0%

  • A minimum of 4 screens which can all be accessed while playing

    • TITLE-Starting Screen-Goal-Instructions
    • Game Screen where you click to win
    • Winning Screen
    • Losing Screen after you lost all lives
  • Theme with Appropriate Images

  • A least 1 image is on every screen

  • A clear display of the SCORE AND LIVES

  • Navigation to cycle back and play again if they won or lost.

  • Score goes up by 1

    • You win with a Score=5 (then Winning Screen)
  • Lives start at 3 and go down by 1

    • You lose with Lives=0 (then Losing Screen)
  • Your SCORE gets reset back to 0 if you lose a LIFE.

  • Use multiple CONSOLE print statement verifying an events and variables


    • Score and Lives are WORKING based upon clicks
    • When you go back to play again
      • Score is reset to 0 when you lose a life.
      • Lives are reset to 3 after losing all lives and the user chooses to play again
  • Transparent Navigation Images are very professional.

  • NO ERRORS in the Console when running

  • Be proud and SHARE

BONUS Points:

  • Super Creative & Original & Fun to Play
  • Authentic Applications for actual USERS
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