Unit 5 Lesson 5 - Building an App - clicker game


Love some feedback. The student is not done yet, would like to guide him as far as what is missing according to the rubric. He has spent so much time on this. Maybe he’s straying in the wrong direction. This is the one where they use the apples as a sample. Lesson 5 - “Green Bubble” #21.
Linked video here. VCProject


So, the two main things that I am seeing that aren’t accomplished from the rubric are having a “lose condition” and resetting the game to replay.
Re-set is fairly straightforward (I tell my kids to think about what the value(s) should be at the start of the game/round…and where do they see that value).

The lose condition is a bit trickier. The original game had it so that if you clicked a “background image” you lost a life (from a total of three), so I often chat with my kids about how winning and losing are similar…and different.

What it seems like your student wants to do is have a time limit, which is a bit beyond. If they are motivated to continue on this path, you might want to check out this forum post about using a timer:

Hope that helps!

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@mschlager I think @biermanl did a great job analyzing the work!

One thing to think about, sometimes I have students who think outside the box. They do some AMAZING things, even if it doesn’t quite meet the specified criteria. Sometimes, I let that go, and give them positive feedback for taking risks and trying new things. But, if their “outside of the box thinking” allowed them to circumnavigate core content that I need students to demonstrate a clear understanding of, then I push them a bit more back in line. For me in my room, most frequently the “push them back in line” approach is needed on practice write-ups in class to make sure they understand the expectations of the AP tasks. I tend to give a bit more freedom when it comes to programming itself.

So, one question might be, did the student demonstrate understanding of what you wanted them to understand? If not, I love your idea of redirecting them and giving them another chance and @biermanl’s suggestion is a good way to think about it.

Regardless, it sounds like your students are really getting into some of the more basic tasks, it will be exciting to see what they do when they have more open ended projects!! Nice work!


What a wonderful community - thanks.