I need help with Unit 3 lesson 3& 4

I don’t see in the instructions or even in the block how the students code the “on event” so that the app actually works when they click buttons. Am I missing something? Where is that in lesson 3 and 4?

Hi @lalamillo - I think I responded to your post on Facebook, but I’ll put it here too in case anyone else has the same question. The app students create in Unit 3 is a continuing project. In these early lessons, students are setting up the screens. In Unit 4 particularly, students are using Design Mode in App Lab to build their screens using the different elements. In the next few lessons, students learn about sequential and event-driven programming before returning to their projects and adding the commands to make their programs run.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!


Hi, Hanna. I am really confused with the different phases of this Designing an App Planning Guide.

According to the Guide, the Design Phase includes Step 4 in which the students sketch their apps: they draw the different screens with the buttons, pictures etc. They also explain what happens when they click the different elements. This is the end of unit 3 lesson 3.

In the next lesson, lesson 4, students transfer their drawing into App Lab. The lesson plan for lesson 4 reads that the students just finished their “prototypes”. This means that they actually make the prototype during the Design Phase… This sounds really confusing…

The next phase is the Prototyping. Here students start programming. This is Step 5, in lesson 8.

Where do we stand in lesson 4, when the students copy / transfer their sketches into App Lab? Is this still part of the Design Phase, Step 4? Is this part of the Prototype Phase, Step 5?

Please, would you clarify for me?