AI Lab in App Lab outside of the AI Machine Learning module

I have been going through the AI Machine Learning module with my 6th graders. I’ve used App lab in my curriculum for several years but this is my first venture into AI. Is it possible to use AI Lab in a “regular” app lab project, that is to say outside of the curriculum? I can see how I can import my own data into app lab but can’t find how to train it with AL Lab. After importing data, I tried going to settings and manage AI models but it says I haven’t trained any AI models yet so I must be missing something.

Same thing has happened to me :face_with_monocle:
I wonder if it’s something that they forgot to remove for regular projects.

Hi @cynthia.guerard and @letti42 !

This should definitely be possible, and I’m sorry to hear it isn’t working! I did some testing myself by:

This all seemed to work correctly for me - here’s the finished app.

If your experience was different from mine and still not working, can you send an email to and tell us more about what’s happening? Any screenshots would be appreciated, as well as the specific levels you tried saving a model with.

Dan - Curriculum Writer

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Oh! Also - if you’re trying to use your own data to train a model: this is also possible, but the process doesn’t start in App Lab. Instead, you can do this in the final project in the AI Unit using the Upload CSV button

From there, you can create a model and save it in AI Lab, which you can then import into App Lab.



A previous poster suggested this site for more enrichment. My middle school students enjoy it.
teach machine

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