AI/Machine Learning Unit Q

I’m thinking about incorporating the new AI/Machine Learning unit into my on-level Tech class. Admittedly, I haven’t done a deep dive into the unit but through skimming it, it looks like kids need some background in programming. I was looking at using this before doing our brief coding unit. So… is it possible for students to be successful with this unit before doing any coding? If not, I need to see how I can move things around. Thanks.

Hey @l.leaming ! Exciting to hear you’re looking into our AI Unit!

Broadly speaking, here’s our implementation guide which includes info about our AI/ML unit. The unit assumes students have seen App Lab before from Unit 4 of CS Discoveries, specifically using Design Mode and creating button-press events. No other programming knowledge is assumed, and many of our pilot teachers taught the course without this prior experience and their students found the unit engaging.

We recommend including some time to get familiar with App Lab before teaching the unit. If you’re not able to complete parts of Unit 4, we recommend completing the Intro to App Lab Hour of Code activity instead.

Hope that helps!
Dan - Curriculum Writer

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