Is all of Unit 4 necessary?

Is it necessary for students to have all of Unit 4 prior to the AI unit and Unit 6? I would like to introduce the AI unit and see that Unit 4 is recommended prior to teaching that, however I do not have time to cover it all. I am wondering if I could just do Chapter 2 of Unit 4 or certain lessons. Does anyone have any insight on this?

Hi @sarah.dudley !

We designed the unit assuming students have completed CS Discoveries Unit 4: The Design Process, where they design and build their own app prototype. At a bare minimum, students should be able to create an app like this before starting this unit, which uses Design Mode to create a user interface and uses Events to change screens when a button is clicked. This is similar to the content covered in this video.

If you are unable to teach Unit 4 but would still like to introduce App Lab before starting the unit, here are a few options to consider:

Dan - Curriculum Writer