Call For Teachers: Pilot Our New AI Unit

Hello Folks!

The curriculum team is developing a unit on Artificial Intelligence aligned with our CS Discoveries curriculum. This summer, we will be releasing these lessons for teachers to implement in their classrooms. We are searching for 10-20 pilot teachers to help us test out this unit with students during the Spring of 2021.

Who Should Apply

This is an excellent opportunity for motivated members of our community to help shape the direction of this unit. You might consider applying if some of the following apply to you:

  • Your students will already have some experience with App Lab’s Design Mode and Event behaviors (such as in Unit 4 of CS Discoveries or the self-paced App Lab unit)
  • You are teaching CS Discoveries but do not plan to teach Unit 5: Data and Society or Unit 6: Physical Computing.
  • You are not teaching CS Discoveries, but have an interest in incorporating Artificial Intelligence in your classes.
  • You have a diverse classroom of students with a substantial population of female and underrepresented students in computer science
  • You have many students that are new to computer science

What’s the Commitment?

As a member of the pilot, you would commit to:

  1. Teaching the 5-week (25 classroom hours) AI unit during Spring 2021.
  2. Attending weekly pilot calls on Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT while teaching the AI Unit.
  3. You and your students will complete surveys at different intervals in the unit
  4. You will complete surveys or provide feedback on documents shared between pilot calls

Call Schedule

Pilot calls are held Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm ET / 4-5pm PT. As a member of the pilot, we ask that you confirm you would be able to make all of the following hour-long calls.

  • Call 1 - 3/9
  • Call 2 - 3/16
  • Call 3 - 3/23
  • Call 4 - 3/30
  • Call 5 - 4/6
  • Call 6 - 4/13
  • Call 7 - 4/20
  • Call 8 - 4/27
  • Call 9 - 5/4

How to Apply

If you’ve read everything above and think you’re a good candidate click here to apply!

Applications will be accepted between now and February 17th. Accepted candidates will be notified of their acceptance the week of February 24th after which we’ll follow up with additional materials to help you get ready to implement these lessons during the school year.

Have all teachers selected for this pilot already been notified?

Have the teachers been notified if they were accepted or not?

Hi @olivedb and @michelle.anding ! We just sent out emails to teachers earlier today to all teachers who applied. Please let me know if you didn’t get an email!

Dan - Curriculum Writer

Is there any way to see these lessons if I was late to the party and would still like to try it out?

Hey @mgrooms !

Aww shucks - sorry to hear we missed the moment to apply for the pilot! Right now, the lessons are only open to pilot teachers.

But! We’re going to release these lessons to everyone in July! So only a few more months, then these lessons will be fully available.

Dan Schneider
Curriculum Writer

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