Ideas for Unit 8 Lesson 21 - project

Has anyone used the AI/Machine Learning unit? Have you done the end of unit project where the students come up with their own AI app?
I’ve been wrestling with this project, trying to come up with a list of ideas my students could use as a starter point for the AI App, but I am struggling. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum! I haven’t done this lesson with my classes, but I’m wondering if you brainstormed as a group for social issues that might be addressed by their apps that it might give them a starting spot? I’d love to hear how others are tackling this with their classes. What age range are you working with?

I am using it as part of an introductory class at the high school level, so mostly 9th graders.

Oh! You’ve got big kids! I could totally see them working up a great list of social issues to work with as a jumping off point for their projects.