Advice: Unit 6 or Unit 7

I am teaching a semester course to freshmen and sophomores. We have done some of unit 1, unit 2, unit 3, and now doing some of unit 4. Do you think this age group would prefer Unit 6 Physical Computing (I have the resources needed) or the new unit- Unit 7 (AI and Machine Learning)?
I will have about 4 weeks to cover the unit. Thank you for any suggestions.

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First, welcome to the community.
Both those units are interesting and engaging for students. Could you let the class decide? Have a discussion or poll to help decide which they would prefer.

There is a self guided PD course that could help you with the decision. Module 3 of the course has an overview and info to help teachers make these kind of decisions.
Link to Module 3 of PD
Link to self directed PD course