Timeline For Units

This is my first year teaching CS Discoveries and I’m trying to figure out a good timeline to fit at least parts of each unit in. With distance learning and limited time, we’re not realistically going to get to all of the lessons. I’m in the middle of Unit 4 right now. With a little over two months left in school, any suggestions on how to time everything? I only meet with each class twice a week. Thanks for any suggestions!

It probably depends on what you want to get done with, whether or not you are planning on using the circuit playgrounds with your students (unit 6), etc.

I can only say what I would do, but I would probably skip either unit 5 or unit 6. If you want to do the physical programming and have Circuit Playgrounds you can use, that one is fun for the students. If you are more comfortable with data, you could do unit 5.

I know the last week or two of school, it’s usually hard to get things done, but I’ll bet you could get one of the two units done.

Anyone else have ideas?


Thanks for your thoughts. I’d love to do Unit 6, but we’re doing hybrid learning and most of my students in this class are staying virtual, so I’m not sure if that would work. Due to that, I’ll probably stick to Unit 5 instead, but I’m open to any ideas if there’s a way to do Unit 6 virtually. Thanks again!

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Yes, unit 6 could be difficult if you have a lot of virtual students. If you haven’t seen it, code.org has published information on alternate units. All of them look good, but one of my colleagues loves the turtle programming unit.

Here’s that information: CSD Unit 6 Modifications - Google Docs