Teaching Units 4-6 virtually

I am supposed to teach units 4-6 starting in Sept for the first semester of school. Any suggestions on what to do if we are virtual? My curriculum can be flexible, so if you have suggestions for cutting things, modifying, I’d love to hear it. Some of the students did Units 1-3 last year and some have not, so I can’t repeat those. I could also only do some of the units and add in other curriculum. Thanks!


Try P5.JS as an extended course

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I am also in the same boat. Right now we are doing distance learning for 5 weeks, but that could change. I saw code.org has slides for units 1-3 that will be great for distance learning, but don’t have them for units 4-6.

The slides for units 1-3 are new this fall. I understand that those may come next year for units 4-6, but this year only units 1-3 were up for revision.

Love to see any ideas anyone else has for starting up virtually. We can do this!