Teaching Unit 6 Amidst School Closures

Hello! Hope you all are doing well in the midst of this national emergency.

As I am sure many others are, I am looking to finish out these last few weeks of school through distance learning. I have been looking for a good way to review the core concepts of Unit 6 this way. I know that the unit requires use of the Adafruit Circuit Playground, which at this point, is locked away in my school.

I am trying to see how I can best leverage the use of Microsoft MakeCode on the Adafruit website (https://makecode.adafruit.com/#editor). Are there any suggestions for distance learning or best practices out there?

Thanks in advance.

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I would love to know how this worked out for you during the quarantine. I have been getting my curriculum moved entirely online for this coming year and was wondering specifically about Unit 6.

Yes, how did using Microsoft MakeCode (which I had never heard of before) work for you?

Any Updates @masseyj1 on using Microsoft MakeCode?

It’s decision time for me on moving forward with my 8th graders who normally do Units 4, 5, & 6 in CSD. I considered “checking out” Circuit Playground kits to students who were going to make it to Unit 6, but that just doesn’t make sense while trying to Social Distance. My thoughts are try to make it through Units 4 & 5, then find “virtual programmable hardware” to take the place of Unit 6 and Circuit Playgrounds.

Any thoughts, input, and ideas are welcome.

Stay safe out there fellow Code.org Instructors. :slight_smile:

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