BETA - Units 4-6?



Hello! Can someone tell me an estimated timeframe for when Units 4-6 of CSD will come out of BETA? My Coteacher and I would like to assemble the Google Slides for these Units, but we have been waiting for the Units to come out of BETA. THANK YOU!


Hey @rlehman we’re aiming to have all three units updated and published in time for the holiday break. We’ll publish units as they get updated, however, so you’ll likely get one or two of them earlier than that. I can’t give more specific dates than that but hopefully that should help you prepare for the spring.



Do you have Slides you’d be willing to share for the previous units?:grinning:


I’m working on them! I’ll share when I am done.


Slides for units 1-3 have already been posted in the Forums.


Thank you so much for creating and sharing the awesome slides for Units 1-3. Wondering if Unit 4 is available.

My classes meet every day for 1 1/2 hours so we cover material very quickly. Just started Unit 3 Chapter 2.

Thanks so much.



My class is in Unit 3 chapter 1 lesson 8 A little behind you.

My coteacher and I are currently working on Unit 4 slides. We will have them posted before New Year’s Day. Likely sooner.


Great. Thank you so much for your willingness to share your hard work. I really appreciate it.


Did you do these for units 4 - 6?