Timeline for release of Units 4+?


Hi, I am teaching CSP on a block schedule - the entire course will be completed this semester. We started school on August 9th and my students meet every day for 84 minutes. We are already through Unit 1 and will start Unit 2 on Tuesday. When adding Unit 2, I noticed that only sections through Unit 3 are available. I’m sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find any communication about when the other sections are expected. Is there a chance that we could get ahead of the release dates? Since many of my students have had prior coding experience, I’m afraid we might go through Unit 3 very quickly. Thank you for any info you may have - or if you can direct me to where anything has been posted on this.



I know the plan is to have the new units fully updated by early Fall. For your planning, here a link to what is currently up for Unit 4. Please note the disclaimer.



Thank you! That helps a lot with planning. I know the materials could change, but at least I have a better idea of what is ahead.


Hi @mkaiser,

Thank you @anmrobnott for sharing the draft materials. We are planning to have Unit 4 out in early October.

Hope that helps!



Thank you Dani. Do you think the rest of the units will be released shortly thereafter? Do you think everything will be out by November (since we finish the class in December)?


Well, since I’m the one making these edits I should chime in. Unit 4 is on target to be done by end of Sept. (let’s hope that remains true).

There are 2 truths about Unit 5 you should know:

a) editing it is going to be a huge undertaking and I’m expecting it to take the better part of 2 months which means fast-track done by Dec. 1.

b) You can probably get by with the “old” version of the unit which simply lessons 9-29 of https://studio.code.org/s/cspunit3
i.e. new Unit 5 == old Unit 3 Lessons 9-29.

So you can use that to get by. You just won’t benefit from edits that we’re making to simplify some things and possible tweak some of the projects.

Hope this helps.

CSP Team


Thank you for your honesty. Good to know :slight_smile: