Suggestions for next Unit

My classes are a little late in the game for the year due to staff changes. We have just finished Unit 1. Any suggestions for the next unit would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hi @ben.wheeler,

I am assuming you only have students for the rest of the semester. I am leaning towards Unit 2 Chapter 1. You can create a simple personal webpage in that time. I like the Unit because the problem solving lessons from Unit 1 transfer well to HTML and it is such a creative unit for the students. That is my suggestion. Others may have suggestions as well.

Good luck!

Hi, @melynn thank you for the reply, I will be having the students for the rest of the year. Do you know if any lessons transfer to java at some point?


I agree with @melynn that unit 2 would be a good go to next, even if you have them for the full year.

Unit 3 (animation and games) uses javascript as the language, but is also constructed so students can switch between javascript and coding blocks which act as training wheels for learning a text based language (javascript).

Java isn’t one of the languages students can learn on, but learning javascript can help them with the skills to pick up any language later on.


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Hey @ben.wheeler ,

Quick plug that our Self-Paced Professional Learning course gives an overview of each of the units and tools in CS Discoveries. It takes no more than an hour to go through this hands-on overview unit, and I imagine it will give you a much stronger sense of what the other units offer.

Dan - Curriculum Writer


I agree with all of the above that Unit 2 is the way to go! Unit 2 can be expanded with enrichment activities to take a bit longer if needed. Please reach out to me if you need help! Currently, I run unit 2 as a 33 meeting class.