AI Unit final project question

I am running out of time with my AI unit. I would like the students to do a final type project, but do not have time for them to go through the week long projet that is in there as Lesson 21 where they are collecting their own data (although I think it is a great project).
I am wondering if I shoudl just rework up Lesson 15 mini project to make it more like a final project or if I should take Lesson 18, 19, and 20 and turn that into their final project?
Any thoughts or input on this from anyone who might have experience with this Unit?

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Hey @sarah.dudley

Excited to hear you started the year with our AI Unit - hope it’s been great for you and your students!

I’d say there’s definitely room to extend the mini-project into a longer final project for students. You could infuse more of the user-centered design aspects into the mini-project, or you could ask students to create a few different models from the same dataset and compare, or even have students investigate their own datasets. I’ll add a note of caution from when we piloted the course with a slightly different version of the curriculum: the mini-project used to include more prompts inviting students to think of their own problem they wanted to solve and how they could use data to do it, but we found that students were sometimes dissatisfied or disillusioned when they would come up with a problem they were passionate about but didn’t have access to a dataset that let them solve it. With that in mind, you might just want to be very clear about the datasets students have available to them when creating their projects.

Extending Lessons 18-20 as a final project also sounds like a novel solution. This still lets students grapple with the challenges of using data to solve a problem in their community. If you went this route, you might consider adding some kind of written and aspirational component to the final project - perhaps students write about what they would do if they could collect their own data and make their own model?

Some of our pilot teachers are also on this forum, so hopefully they may chime in with some thoughts too.

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Is there a way to see all the data for AI Lesson 21? On the music data, you only see 2 of the genre’s when there are 6. I went to the source but didn’t know what to do when I got there.

Hi @leachlisa,

I don’t believe there is. Some of the data sets are quite large so I imagine that is why the first screen is just a preview. I will ask around to be sure and let you know if there is a way to view the data in the lesson.

With that said, I was able to view the data set for the music by copy and pasting the link listed under the source. The music data website was blocked for me so I had to use my phone. The Thanksgiving data was easy to access and I could view all 1000+ lines of the data.

Hope that helps!


I was able to look at the source for the music more closely at home. It is a massive dataset! Probably not something that would be easily viewable without the filters provided in the AI Lesson. I did see there was more information about the data here if you wanted to further investigate (and if you haven’t already see it): Looking at the sources for the data would definitely bring up some interesting conversations in the classroom! Like I said, some of the other datasets are more accessible from the sources.