All Lesson Slides in one Slideshow?

Is there anywhere we can get all the slides lessons for a unit in one slideshow like there was a couple of years ago? I love that is constantly updating its lessons and making them more engaging for students, but pulling up individual slideshows for every lesson can be a little bit of a chore at times. I liked it when it was all housed in one slideshow. If that doesn’t exist it won’t be the end of the world, obviously, but it would be a nice perk!


I’m with you on that, but I don’t think they have them together any more. What does help and saves me time is the one stop shopping site for all unit resources.

This way, you can find all of the slides (and everything else) on a single page if you bookmark it. Hope this may help you if you weren’t aware of it.


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Yes, that would be helpful. Thank you for sharing!

Hi all, I a student aid and I put the U3 Interactive Animations and Games slides together in one slideshow here. Please feel free to use them.