All response 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d

Hello! So I remember there being a document that had all responses for each of the prompts and that was super helpful for students to see good responses vs “bad” responses. Does this document exist yet for the new task/rubric? If not I’d love to see one next year! It was super helpful for students

@yanet.cabrera You can find the Sample responses in two places:

  1. U8L1 Make a Plan: here
  2. The College Boards AP CSP Exam Page: here

Yes, I was referencing a document from from years past that had all of the samples for each of the responses in one document.Create PT - Response 2b - All 2018 Samples.docx (572.6 KB)

You’ll find all the sample responses on the second link.

I apologize if I am not explaining myself properly. I am aware I can access all the samples provided by CollegeBoard. I was looking for a document like the one I attached. If one doesn’t exist yet my post was just a suggestion to see if maybe next year one could be made and provided.

Check the U8 Handouts here. I think this is what you may be looking for.