Will prompt 2b be scored in 2018?


Many of the College Board resources indicate students will need to respond to prompt 2b “Describe your development process”. However, the sample scoring files state “Response 2b will NOT be scored in 2018”. Should I inform my students to skip the prompt? Or do they need to respond to it to be considered complete?


Last year the scorers were asked to use that question as a plagiarism checker when in doubt. So I would encourage my students to respond to all the questions.


I agree with @bhatnagars that 2b can only help you, especially if you want to cite your sources for your computational artifact. If you look at the Explore Scoring Guidelines for 2018, however, they do not specifically refer to that question. This is something we wanted to make sure students and teachers were aware of as they completed the task so we’ve included it in the guide.