2018 Explore PT Written Response 2b or NOT 2b?

My question is whether or not students should respond to written response 2b.

  • Buried in the Sample C annotated response is this “Response 2b will NOT be scored in 2018”

  • 2b is not indicated on the 2018 Scoring Rubric - however it is referenced in Row 1 Decision Rules

  • It is part of the Survival Guide

My students are currently working on this PT.

Thank you!
Kris Galoci

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Check out this thread that talks about that same issue around 2b.

Thank you @bhatnagars

I’ll take that as they should do it, but they will not necessarily be scored on 2b.

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I am telling my students to do it and use it as a space to expand from their 2a answer to describe how they created their artifact. It is a better to be safe than sorry kind of mentality.
I wished they would have been more clear about it or taken it out all together.

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Though I don’t think it is explicitly taught to write a function that returns a value, students have worked with functions that return values and how to use them in expressions in Unit 3 and Unit 5. For example, the randomNumber function returns a random value within a specified range. They use this for the underwater scene and the digital scene in Unit 3. They have also used this in color sleuth and simulations in Unit 5.

I don’t know enough about programming, but I thought this was more comparing values to get the max which is in Lesson 16. Regardless of whether it is or isn’t in code.org lesson, I don’t see it in pseudo code either. It seems easy now. I just have to remember to come up with examples next year.

I think it has more to do with abstraction and using pre-written functions like the random number function. In the question Max is a prewritten function. The student is told what it does, what its parameters are and what it returns. Using this information they have to figure out how to use it to compute the correct score.