Create PT 2A purpose vs function

Need some clarification on the scoring guidelines.
For 2A the Scoring Criteria says the response must identify the “purpose”, but the Decision Rule says you get a point is you identify the function not the purpose.

Can someone explain this? Are they looking for purpose or function?

Hi @jo.davidsmeyer,

From what I’m seeing, the Scoring Guidelines say purpose OR function. The Decision Rule (big center column) doesn’t seem to specify between the two.

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Thank you for your response. But I was asking about the create PT, not the explore PT. :slight_smile:
Ah, so many rubrics, so little time.

Got it. I’m on the same page now. :slight_smile:

According to the Create PT Scoring Guide

The wording to me sounds like they’re looking for purpose, but function can serve as a substitute.

In graded samples, the last sample (J) was given a point for citing function, while all other samples were given a point for citing purpose:
Samples are halfway down this page

Keep in mind I’m not a College Board representative, and this is just one individual’s interpretation.

To add a little more clarity, the “Decision Rules” advise the readers to award a point if: “Response earns the point if it explains the function of the program instead of identifying the purpose.”
The student will also earn a point if: "Response earns the point if the response is included in the video via narration or some form of closed captioning and addresses the purpose or function of the program. "
A Purpose means the intended goal or objective of the program.
A Function means how the program works.
I would advise your students to address both and doing so will increase their chances of getting the point.