PT: Explore: Need help with purpose, function, feature, and effect


My students are preparing to work on the explore performance task, and so we are spending some time with the 10 released examples (samples A through J). As we’re reading through, we’re having trouble really understanding the difference between an innovation’s purpose, function, and effects. Some of the annotated scores even use the word “feature” (specifically, example H with the iPhone X).

Can anyone point us to a source that would help clarify these similar terms?


Hi @bbearss,

I agree with you that the scoring of some samples seems to not make sense - particularly those sections of H. According to graders, College Board tends to err on the generous side with most things. I believe Row 2 of Sample H is one of those things that got the generous treatment and I would not rely on that scoring to be representative of the rubric. (Better safe than sorry.)

In short, I would do my best to follow the brief descriptions of the terms on the rubric, right-hand column straddling Rows 2 and 3:

Hopefully you can find better examples of this in some of the other samples.