Explore PT Response 2a

I am needing clarification on Response 2a of the Explore PT. In the Assessment Overview and PT Directions for Students, page,6, under 2a written response, it says on the third bullet “Describe how your computational artifact illustrates…” However, looking at the 2018 Rubric Row 2, the scoring criteria says nothing about describing the artifact in the written response…only stating a fact about the purpose or function. Must students mention their artifact in written response 2A?

Hi @miri.blair ,

It is not necessary, but I recommend students follow the directions and describe how their artifact illustrates the innovation’s purpose/effect. This is to help with Row 1, which requires the artifact illustrate the innovation’s purpose/effect. In case it is unclear to the reader how the student’s artifact illustrates the innovation’s purpose/effect, the reader can use written response 2a to help them understand.

A good example would be student sample C (from the list of samples: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-computer-science-principles/exam?course=ap-computer-science-principles#anchorSG)

As a reader, I might see this artifact and think “um, ok, it’s just pictures of GPS…”
Luckily, the student’s written response 2a includes "The artifact demonstrates the several functions of the GPS within the various pictures and some of the components involved with the functionality of the device. " so as the reader I now think “ohhh ok, I see what you did there…”