Alternative to trip?



I have been out for 8 days because I had surgery and was looking for a shorter alternative to the road trip if anyone had one. I need to be able to complete this in less than 3 days. Does anyone have any ideas for alternatives to the road trip? Another situation with a problem that is not well defined that can be done in one day?


I did the road trip in one day (62 minute period, 9th grade). It was a little rushed and probably would have benefitted from more time, but it was okay. I think maybe some of the other posts on this forum were about an earlier version of the road trip problem that took longer (though I may be wrong).



I made a transportation problem with multiple variables/constraints (like the car trip) but for NYC and the Subways because that’s were I teach. Students struggled with the Car Trip because they didn’t know a whole lot, but once I made it a problem that they deal with all the time, suddenly I had a class full of experts.



Thanks. Sounds like something I can do for Charleston.


I turned mine into a snow day with the “fun Uncle” (AKA “Funcle”) driving them around. It took 2, 40 min class periods that were kind of rushed to complete it. Hope this is helpful and I hope you’re feeling better from your surgery.