CSD Unit 1, Lesson 3

Does anyone have an alternative to the “Plan a Trip”? I need something else that doesn’t take days to complete.

I give my students a list of places to choose from. I know they really enjoy picking the place, but this allows for them to focus and plan the trip. They still get to pick a place… just from my list. Also, with each place, I have a list of websites for information to help them pick out what activities and things to do. I do this because we haven’t talked about searching or anything yet, so it cuts down on time spent looking for websites. Hope this helps!

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Could you share the list you use?

Sure! I am working on updating it right now. However, the goal is the the students plan a trip that is close to their school. Are you close to the Knoxville area? I am in Morristown, TN, so I chose: Knoxville, Gatlinburg, Pigeonforge, Asheville, and Chattanooga for my day trips.

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Thanks for sharing that idea, Chelsey! That’s a great way to get the main point of the lesson across while saving valuable classroom time. In general, teachers are encouraged to use their best judgment to condense or lengthen lesson plans as necessary. The people who developed this curriculum are very transparent with the fact that some teachers may need to make adjustments to best suit their students’ needs.

Michael K.

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