Alternatives To NXT Robots


Alternatives to NXT Robots


I am creating a Unit on JavaScript that I am doing after Unit 4. The unit relies on this website

I am creating questions and lab assignments to go along with the units on the website. I will link the first couple here

S2JS Section 1 Lab Questions.docx (11.2 KB)

S2JS Section 2 Lab Questions.docx (21.8 KB)


We’ve been using RobotC and VEX Robotics since our PLTW teacher already had the necessary equipment.


We have the Finch robots and can program them using Scratch. That is what I’m using instead of the Lego robots.


I am using Parallax BOE bots. They come with a book that has lessons in it to get the students familiar with its parts and what they do. The language they use is BASIC. We have had a lot of fun with these robots. You can find them here: I bought mine from a place called Carl’s electronics in California. They gave me a pretty good deal.


I am using Sphero’s.