U6 Day 16-18: Lesson Resources


U6 Day 16-18: Lesson Resources


My school purchased Edison robots that can be programmed to follow a TV remote control. Two robots will follow the same command so that they are dancing. Our challenge is that the Edison robots are compatible with Legos but I cannot find any legos anywhere. They will need to be creative in dressing/decorating their dancing robots


I didn’t have the resources to do this unit at my place of employment but I still went through the unit and did it as if I was going to teach the lesson. I did have to make a few revisions to the lesson plan. I don’t have a background in robotics and we don’t have a robotics program at my school so I had to use my limited expertise and use a robot already built. If you consider taking it from the box and plugging it in as building then… yes I built a robot. Anyway, I would use Scratch to program and allow the students to come up with dances prior to starting the lesson using loops and repeats as their dancing moves. Extension Activity–Present a dancing robot.pdf (234.5 KB)