Challenge choice


I plan to have the students use cards with turning directions ( right, left, forward, back, turn degree) to create paths from classroom to different locations in the school building. In groups of three (direct, human robot and coder), they will choose a path and create the line by line code to move the human bot from the classroom to the designation point.


I have chosen to do an alternative topic because I purchased the Edison robots. I plan to print the lesson plans provided from the edison website and put the students into pairs to pair program. They will work through the printed lessons (packet) to complete the assigned activites.


I am going to complete Days 1-3 of Unit 6 with my awesome team teacher Mr. Rico!!


The packet was really easy to follow and very thorough. I did however find errors in the suggested code from some of the lessons that didn’t work - but it was a good thing because I got to try-and try-again until I could figure it out myself. I have attached the 10-lesson packet that I used to this post as well where the objectives are included as well.Your-EdVenture-into-Robotics-10-Lesson-Plans.pdf (2.8 MB)


For the robot we created an obstacle course that forced the students to use all of the sensors they learned throughout the course.


Here is my Unit 6 lesson Human Robot


I play to complete Day 1 What is a robot as my challenge.