Unit 6 PD Challenge Day 1 What is a robot?


I decided to use the Unit 6, Day 1 'What is a robot?" lesson to model my ‘challenge’ assignment around. I picked this because I’m sure, if time remains at the end of the school year for any part of this unit, I will be using this lesson to introduce the concept of robots and robotics. At present we will be using Lego EV3 Mindstorm Kits with extension sets to complete Unit 6. I have enough supplies to outfit a class of 24 with two students working together using one core kit and one extension kit each.

As with all unit lesson from the ECS ver.6 .pdf, I have created a student version of each lesson (attached) Lesson 6.1 What is a Robot.pdf (58.5 KB) , one that can be read through on a student self-paced basis. I did the same with this lesson.
I chose to not include the lesson extension as we will most likely not have time for this during the 4th quarter of the year. However I will include the resources needed for the extension(s) on a Unit 6 Symbaloo ‘webmix’ ( @ http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/ecsunit6-robotics ) for those students that may want to follow up this opportunity as an ‘self-motivated’ enrichment activity.

As an formative assessment of concept attainment for Unit 6, Lesson 1, after completing all of the activities in this lesson, I will ask students to bring to class an example (physical item or picture) of an item that satisfies all the conditions for being classified as a robot. They will first share their reasoning with an ‘elbow partner’ then with the class IF no one else has brought in their item. If that happens we will select who will share use RPS… maybe the two player Scratch Version that I made for that unit! :smile: