Unit 6 Day 1: What is a robot?

I will not be teaching this unit, but I like how it ties in everything the students learn during this entire course. For this particular lesson, I like how it adds on to what is a computer. The students might think that a robot is a computer, but I like how we discuss what makes them different than computers. I liked the way the lesson was outlined and the activities given, so I would just keep it the same (at least for the first time it was taught). I don’t know what challenges or struggles there would be, it seems pretty straight forward and allows lots of time for reflection and processing information. For an extension, I really liked the idea of using Isaac Asimov’s three laws of robotics that was suggested as extra credit in the lesson - I think this is a great idea! For those who maybe aren’t as “nerdy” as me, I would also have links they could access that would take them to the virtual robot simulation games (Palm Island looks especially fun). I would also have those as resources. I would also use the I-Robot video clip and maybe a Wall-E clip that shows robots with emotions.