Unit 6 Lesson 24-33 Challenge: Design Challenge Robotics


Worked collaboratively on Days 24-33.

Unit 6 Lesson 24-33 Challenge: Design Challenge Robotics


Marci Jackson a member of our group and I collaborated on a robotics lesson plan, Marci was able to order the Edison robots, researched the lesson plans then tailored the lesson plan to our students and the restrictions that apply at our facility. She then took me through the lesson plan and had a few student s try this our to test the plan, We have yet to implement this as we are trying to figure out how we can use this as a credit and how we will teach it as we have assigned groups. WE are very excited to implement this robotics plan. This will include the following of the track that the students will make and then how the robots work and what we can expect from the pre-programmed edisons.


My class had the EVE3 mindstorms LEGO robots, however, I ran out of time to get through much of the unit. I had seniors that were getting out early. I ended up having them create an obstacle course and have their robot complete it. I was vague as I felt that it would hurt their creativity if I narrowed what the obstacle course consisted of. They ended up creating a simple yet complex course as they utilized some of the sensors. Next year I will better plan for time management