Unit 6 Challenge

I chose Days 2-3 for my Unit 6 Challenge. Attached is my challenge Lesson Plan.

Unit 6 Challenge Exercise.pdf (158.5 KB)

My challenge lesson for Unit 6,

Addresses Day 6-7 but using RobotC. Challenge 6 lesson Plan.docx (38.6 KB)

My challenge topic is essentially the whole unit bc I did not have the MindStorm platform. Using the Linkbot (by BaroboLink) system that I did have, I delivered a unit that had and introduction (learning the basics), extension (independent activity) and final project. This unit was also under a time constraint so it was a bit compressed.

OPINION: I think Robotics is the most important unit in the curriculum and under no circumstances should be skipped, even if you do not have an actual platform to use (but I bet dollars to doughnuts that one could be borrowed from the local department of Ed or ROP/CTE office)

The basic strategy of my unit lesson was:

  1. provide students with exact directed instruction (written) on how to create simple robotic programs that ran in a simulated environment with each successive lesson adding to their knowledge and command base. they created individual programs that caused the robotic device to create the first four letters of the alphabet and each of these contained key operational commands.
  2. give students directed exploratory instruction about modifying the basic commands. they took the initial programs and by amending or revising, created at least two new letters.
  3. directed students to use the individual programs as sub-routines to create an extended program. they combined individual letter programs to spell a word.
  4. directed students to operate actual physical robotic devices using the programs they created in the simulated environment to observe the differences (not all commands worked for the physical bot or performed the same due to variable conditions vs the sim) that they would have to accommodate for creating a task program in the physical environment.
  5. directed students to create independent programs for the physical bots that included various task requirements and environmental constraints.160523 Linkbot Sim 01b.pdf (515.8 KB) 160523 Linkbot Sim 02.pdf (477.7 KB) 160523 Linkbot Sim Letter A2.pdf (280.6 KB)160523 Linkbot Sim Letter B2.pdf (251.6 KB) 160523 Linkbot Sim Letter C2.pdf (244.2 KB) 160523 Linkbot Sim Letter D2.pdf (243.1 KB) 160523 Linkbot Sim Word.pdf (240.0 KB) 160523bOperatingThePhysicalLinkBot.pdf (444.0 KB)

Here is my final project lesson that uses a virtual brick with or in place of the ev3 robots. This kept my students engaged even though I only had one robot per group but it would work with no robots.

For programming the Robots in general (and most of the robotics unit as was short on time), I used the following rubric and activities.

Rubric for Legos Mindstorm Kit.pdf (52.9 KB)

Design a Robot.docx (14.1 KB)

Design a Robot.docx (14.1 KB)