Unit 6 16-18 Robots Rock the Hall

I use EV3 robots and have the students working in groups to build, test short challenges (parking garage, square, away and back) then they work on a dance project. Once they have a routine …they find a group to pair up with and they have to come up with a routine for the two robots to do together to a piece of music. They are paired with the next group that finishes. The collaboration is awesome. They love to choose the dance moves and music.

This year I want to add line dancing and have several robots go down the hall towards the office in a line dancing routine!

Fantastic! We have just started with our EV3 robots, and have been looking for really fun ways to use them. This is a great idea, thanks so much for sharing, and good luck in your class.

My students did not have robots…they programmed each other in groups to dance the electric slide and do the limbo…we used live music

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That’s awesome! However, if you’re a wallflower like myself - check out RobotSquare.com for more ideas. Program your robots to “dance like nobody is watching” (but your grade does depend on it!).


Day 16-18 Program dancing robot
I plan to form teams of three to build and program one robot per team. After testing they will choose 1 to 2 minutes of music and program their robot dance moves. Then as a class we will have a dance contest. It will be done tournament style with a winner chosen from each pair of dancing robots.

That sounds like a blast! Your students would be so excited to see their hard work rocking through the halls!