Animation Library - Finding Multiframe Animations

I would like to allow my students to Remix their Lesson20 Side Scroller Mini-Project and add a “walking” or “running” GIF as their “Player.” Is there a way to find out which of the Sprites in the Animation Library are “multiframe animations?”

Hi @koliner,

I don’t know of a way to search for animation or walking. I do know that when you are in the Animation Library, if you hover over a sprite with multiframe animation, the sprite will animate. Also, it is fairly easy (and fun:) for the students to add an appearance of walking. I’ve had a few student look at the walking aliens from the Animation Library and then replicate the 2 frame animation with their own sprite.

Good luck! Sounds like a fun extension for the Side Scroller project!

Yes, I have a student who would like to create a multi-frame animation but I don’t see where he can create one. There is one animated vehicle but when my student looks for it in his account, it isn’t animated. He was going to add one that is already animated & redraw on each frame what he was attempting. Can you tell me how to create a multi-frame animation from scratch? Thanks.

I was going to just post this as well! I have a student who goes to the animation tab where we has already created a sprite and for a brief second the “add new frame” appears but then it disappears!

@abumgarner and @GordonBrune,

Is this still an issue? I am only seeing this hours later, but when I go into a project in GameLab and open the animation tab, I can see the “Add New Frame” option. If you can’t see it in your accounts, I would recommend emailing to see if they can look at your accounts. I’m not aware of any recent changes to the Game Lab environment that would cause this kind of issue.


Yes, it was still an issue today. Attached an image showing

how no frames show up. Cleared his cache thinking that may have to do with it, but still don’t show up. Again, they appear for a fraction of a second and then go away.


Please report that to and give them the account name and maybe even a shared link to the project if you have it.

It could be something related to that sprite or project or something related to the account.

I just checked on a student account and started a new project on that account and all appears to be functioning as intended.

Is it all sprites for that student? Maybe see if they start a new project if the same thing still happens?

I’m not 100% sure what could be causing it, but I have seen some strange things happen in the past with multiframe sprites.


Will send to support. It does seem to be an issue with his device because I see the frames when I open it on mine.

Maybe you could try resetting the browser cache in that case?


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