Looking for multi frame animation level in CSD 20-21

In CSD 19-20 there was a brief introduction to creating (mostly using) multi frame animations. It was in Lesson 20 Level 4. Could anyone help me locate it in CSD 20-21? Lesson 11 Level 8 letter ‘c’ students are asked to debug a multi frame animation but I’m pretty sure there was’t any teaching about that in Lesson 7 when they learned about the Animation Tab. It’d be nice if there was some more documentation about this important aspect of creating sprites.

Hmmm … not sure why that was removed, but I will try and ask. I do think you can still use it with students, though. Even if you assign them to the 20-21 version of the course, you could give them links to the applicable levels on the older course. I use Canvas and would put those links in a canvas page and students should still be able to access them, I think?


Kristen (@koliner),

Just to report back to you, partially as a result of your post a few weeks ago, the curriculum team has included documentation on multi-frame animation to the GameLab documentation. Here’s the recent posting on that issue.

Thanks for reporting it!


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