Animation Problem

I am on Lesson 15 in Unit 3 of Discoveries. I am on the Level 7 challenges. When I go to the animation to duplicate and rotate the fly, it will not rotate. Also, none of the animations are showing up in the middle section where you can see a full image of your animation. I’ve done this level before and had no problems. Any idea why this would be happening?


If you want to send a share link, we can look at it. Otherwise, you may want to reach out to and let them know which account(s) are being affected by this.



Hi bberry,

I just looked at that level U3 L15-7b and it works for me. Please refer to the screenshot below:

The middle column is for multi-frame animations:

However, this challenge level does not require multiple frames.

I hope that helps! :blush:


Hello Mike, I believe you replied to the wrong email. I am a teacher, but the wrong bberry.

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